About Amanda--

Amanda Megibow is a New York City based designer who takes inspiration from the vibrant city.  Her imagination is sparked by the world around her, especially the treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the natural beauty of Central Park, and the people on the streets of Manhattan. 

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with degrees from the Wharton School and the Annenberg School of Communications, Amanda has always pursued the arts as an outlet for creative self expression. After college, she went on to train as a classical goldsmith learning the craft of metalworking and embracing ancient techniques such as granulation.  Amanda soon found herself wanting to expand her repertoire and learned how to carve wax to create the beautifully dimensional pieces she is known for.  She then studied the intricate craft of enameling in order to add color to her works. 

Amanda has a passion for the design and creation of her works and carves all of the master waxes for her pieces.  She also applies the vitreous enamel to them using techniques such as champleve and plique-a-jour. She considers her jewelry and objects to be small works of art and takes pride in the fact that all of her pieces are created by hand in NYC. 

Amanda designs jewelry that is enduring and completely hers. Her creations are personal emblems that stand out from the crowd but are also eminently wearable. 

“Seeing others enjoying my jewelry gives me the ultimate satisfaction. When clients tell me they wear their pieces everyday, I know they are as happy owning the piece as I was creating it!”